Sunday, March 1, 1970

Author - Anderson, Kevin J.

Birth: March 27, 1962.

Death: Still alive and churning out bland prose.

Comments: Kevin J. Anderson is an extraordinarily prolific science fiction author best known for his collaborations with Brian Herbert and his series of Star Wars novels. he has published more than 120 novels over the last twenty-five or so years, putting books out at a rate of about four and a half per year. This productivity comes at a cost, and Anderson has been persistently criticized for producing bland and generic stories. His collaborations with Brian Herbert are derisively referred to as "McDune" by fans of Frank Herbert's work, and his Star Wars novels are widely regarded as some of the weakest produced for the franchise. His original fiction has often been critically panned as being pedestrian and plodding.

This is not to say that Anderson's work has never met critical praise. His novel Assemblers of Infinity, cowritten with Doug Beason, was nominated for a Nebula Award. He received a Stoker Award nomination for his novel Resurrection, Inc., and has garnered a handful of Locus Award nominations over the years. In 2015, he gained a Hugo Award nomination as part of the Sad Puppy 3 slate efforts, although the book he was nominated for, The Dark Between the Stars, was a decidedly weak selection.

Anderson has a website named WordFire, and writes a blog named Kevin J. Anderson's Blog. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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