Tuesday, March 3, 1970

Author - Cook, Rick

Birth: 1944.

Death: Still alive but no longer writing books about wizards and computer programmers due to health issues.

Comments: Rick Cook is an American fantasy author best known for his Wizardry series of fantasy novels that combine magic and systems programming into their stories. He completed five books in the series and two other novels before health problems manifested in 2000 that made it impossible for him to continue. The last book in the Wizardry series remains unfinished and is likely to remain so. Although he was fairly prolific from the late 1980s through the 1990s, he has only published one piece of fiction - the short work Fishing Hole -  since 2000, which I consider to be a sad development as I would have liked to see him be able to complete his series of novels.

Cook has an uncompleted website named RickCookBiz.

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