Monday, June 13, 2016

Musical Monday - Nun Fight by Paul & Storm

In just under two weeks, I'll be going to see Johnathan Coulton and Paul & Storm perform live. I have several of their albums, and all of the are great, but both acts really are at their very best live. The song Nun Fight is a perfect example of this: The studio version is technically perfect and an enjoyable song to listen to, but there is something wonderful about the pair of singers playing off of the reactions of the audience when they perform it live. The choreography, the pauses to account for laughter, the banter before the song - it all adds up to an experience that simply cannot be replicated in the recording booth.

In this version, Paul & Storm perform the song in an actual cathedral, which makes it very easy to imagine that it is being performed in a "vast boxing cathedral". The best part of the song is when Paul screws up, a moment that is made even more hilarious when one considers how many times they have successfully performed the song (and I have seen more that one of those instances), because they simply take the error in stride, express a few choice thoughts, reset, and try again. The point of this post is pretty much "go and see Paul & Storm live if you can". You won't regret it.

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