Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting Started

Well, this is my first entry here. I predict that over time having a blog will be a headache and a burden. I'll suffer from writer's block. I'll probably post things I wish I hadn't. To top it off, almost nobody will probably ever read this.

So, why am I bothering?

Mostly to push myself to actually do what I've said I wanted to do for several years.

I have been a speculative fiction fan for most of my life. Science-fiction, fantasy, alternate history, historical fiction, and so on have always been on my bookshelf. That's not the limit of my interests though - I have books on politics, classics, books about law, history, and science piled up too. I go through books at a rapid pace - and there is always something else I want to read.

But I have always wanted to write myself. So, the basic thrust of this blog will be me keeping a record of my attempts to put thoughts on paper and get them published while balancing those efforts with my family and my work. I read that Stephen King once advised someone who asked him how to be a writer that he should "read five hours a day, and write five hours a day". I don't think I can hope to do either of those right now, but if I can aim to do each two hours a day, I think that would be a start.

"I cannot live without books" - Thomas Jefferson


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