Monday, August 26, 2013

Musical Monday - The Trouble With Tribbles (Mike Rittenhouse) by Five Year Mission

If a band made up of five suburban guys from Indianapolis who write geeky rock songs about episodes from the original Star Trek series want to celebrate the iconic Trouble With Tribbles episode, the natural thing for them to do is dress up as Klingons and rap about how much they hate being foiled by Captain Kirk. To be fair, they only rap as Klingons for one of the many Trouble With Tribbles songs the band recorded, specifically the song that Mike Rittenhouse wrote.

Five Year Mission is a band that is so nerdy good that we went to see them twice at Gen Con, and they were great both times. I have, in fact, never been to a Five Year Mission concert that was not incredibly enjoyable. This song, featuring Chris, Noah, Andy, and Mike rapping about their travails as Klingons while P.J. riffs on guitar, is one of a set of six songs written by the members of the band, with four of them taking up the job of composer once, and Chris taking two turns in the role. All six of the Tribbles songs plus P.J.'s birthday tribute to George Takei are found on the band's Trouble With Tribbles CD, and one of the songs will be put on their upcoming Year 3 CD. Even though all of the Tribbles songs are great, I hope this is the one that gets picked.

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