Sunday, November 24, 2019

Running - Weekly Log for November 17, 2019 through November 23, 2019

Last Week's Mileage Goal: 26 miles
Actual Miles Last Week: 25 miles
Run/Walk Miles: 3 miles
Cumulative Mileage: 139 miles.
This Week's Mileage Goal: 23 miles
Current Weigh-In: 201.6

I was a mile short of my goal this week, but on the whole, I think it was a pretty good running week. I did my first speed workout, running intervals during one of my daily four mile runs, and I did a long eight mile run on Saturday. On the other hand, I missed two days of running, which is why I ended up falling short even though my longest daily run was longer than what I had originally projected last week. This is one of the pitfalls that one can run into if you build in a rest day into your week - if circumstances cause you to miss another day after you have taken your rest day, you miss two days instead of one, and before you know it, missing days turns into a habit and in fairly short order you're just slacking off for days on end. I don't want that to happen.

As we are coming up on the holiday season, keeping to a running schedule is likely to be more difficult, so I'm going to have to work hard to stay on track. I already know that I am going to miss two days of running this week - Monday because I will be traveling, and Friday because of schedule conflicts. Saturday is going to be a shorter day than normal, although probably a faster one, as that is the day I am running a 5K race. I need to make sure I put in worthwhile miles every other day this week.

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