Monday, July 13, 2020

Musical Monday - Too Shy by Kajagoogoo

#1 on the Billboard Hot 100: Never.
#1 on the Cash Box Top 100: Never.
#1 on the U.K. Chart: February 19, 1983 through February 26, 1983.

There's not a lot to say about this song. It hit it big just as the New Wave musical movement was cresting and rode that cultural moment to the top of the U.K. Charts. There isn't really all that much to the song itself other than a kind of catchy chorus and the lead singer's two-toned hair. Only a handful of months after this song was released, the band fired the lead singer, and then floundered for a couple more years before completely falling apart. Too Shy was both the peak of Kajagoogoo's career, and the beginning of the end for them.

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