Monday, April 7, 2014

Musical Monday - The Year of the Beard by Molly Lewis

Because seeing the Doubleclicks once just isn't enough, the redhead and I are going to be seeing them again tonight. But this time, they will be appearing with the queen of ukulele folk nerd music Molly Lewis, which will probably make this performance even more epic than the Doubleclicks' already epic performance this past Friday.

And this has caused me to realize that although I have featured many of the Doubleclick's songs as Musical Monday selections, I have somehow overlooked Molly Lewis' awesome compositions. To rectify this, I'm choosing her recent love letter to facial hair, The Year of the Beard, as this week's song. And the fact that she is backed by the Doubleclicks in the video makes it even better. Ratcheting up the awesomeness even further are appearances by Jon Coulton, Wil Wheaton, and several other bearded individuals. I've had a beard of some sort for the bulk of my adult life, either a goatee or (more rarely) a full beard. In recent years, I've tried the full beard off and on, but given that it has a lot more grey in it than the relatively sparse hair that adorns the top of my head, that's a look I'm liable to leave behind. But no matter what form of facial hair I am sporting, I feel better knowing that Molly Lewis approves.

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