Monday, November 3, 2014

Musical Monday - Love Song for Internet Trolls by The Doubleclicks

So, there's things happening on the internet, and there's a "movement" happening that seems to be comprised primarily of internet trolls. Members of this faux-movement like to claim that only a small minority of its adherents are bad actors, but everyone else knows the real truth: Their movement is loaded to the gills with the worst kinds of people. So, here's a love song from the Doubleclicks that goes out to these sad, slimy, worthless individuals who spend their time on the internet attacking other people with poorly written screeds filled with vitriol and poorly reasoned arguments.

This is an angry song, and for good reason, as I am sure that, like all women, both Aubrey and Angela have been targeted with much more venomous harassment than I can even imagine. And yet, through their song, they are much more polite than I ever could be to the human refuse that populates the dark corners of the world wide web. I don't know how they do it, but my hat is off to them.

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