Saturday, June 6, 1970

Musical Artist - The Firm

The Firm was a novelty band based in the United Kingdom that had a fair amount of success in the 1980s with their catchy and snarky  Star Trek themed song Star Trekkin'. The band was originally formed by John O'Connor and Grahame Lister, and was later expanded to include other members such as Tony Thorpe (who performed under the name Ron Spock). Over its lifetime, the band released a couple of novelty songs including the aforementioned Star Trekkin' as well as Arthur Daley 'E's Alright, Superheroes, and Cash in Hand, plus one album titled Serious Fun, achieving a reasonable amount of success in the U.K., Japan, Europe, and Australia. The Firm was mostly ignored in the U.S. until the Dr. Demento Show began playing Star Trekkin' as part of its regular rotation, at which point the band gained an American cult following.

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