Monday, October 27, 2014

Musical Monday - All My Guns by Sarah Donner

Since Halloween is this Friday, I was thinking I would post something spooky or scary that was made for the holiday for Musical Monday this week, maybe a song from The Nightmare Before Christmas, or something classic like Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. But none of those seemed to fit the current melancholic atmosphere of the last several days. So instead, I'm going with Sarah Donner's hauntingly beautiful All My Guns. As I understand it, one of Sarah's friends is a gun collector who sometimes gets depressed. When he is feeling down, to make himself feel better he buys more guns, which seems both tragic and terrifying at the same time. In this song, Sarah sings from the perspective of that person, and their willingness to give up their guns if only they could be loved. The aching humanity in this song makes it beautifully sad, and in many ways, much scarier than most songs that are intended to be scary. In the end, it is the plaintive heart-rending delicacy of the song that shines through, and makes this such a mournful, and yet still touching and desperately hopeful piece of music.

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