Monday, May 30, 2016

Musical Monday - Promises by the Cranberries

I just obtained the Weird West anthology published by the small press publisher eSpec Books, so that may have been something of an inspiration for this post.

This is another Musical Monday selection that is mostly for the video. Although I really like the song, it doesn't have much genre-related content itself. The video, however, set in a surreal version of an Old West landscape with a flying spirit of vengeance throwing bolts of energy from her hands and mouth, is brilliant. I have always liked the Old West as a setting for supernatural or science fiction oriented stories, although there isn't a whole lot of material to draw upon there. There was, of course, the Wild Wild West television series, and the movie inspired by it, as well as the Deadlands role-playing game (which seems to have been at least partially inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series), but there aren't a whole lot of other examples I can think of. Maybe Jonah Hex or Pretty Deadly fit into this category, although I haven't read either as of yet.

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