Monday, February 4, 2013

Musical Monday - Xbox by Tripod

Last week I posted Halo by Broken Record Films as my Musical Monday selection, a song that tells the sad tale of a woman whose boyfriend has gotten sucked in to the game of Halo. Through the song she despairs that he won't pay attention to her, and by the end the exits as a voice over announces that "player two has left the game". We are, of course, supposed to feel pathos for the neglected girlfriend. This song is the flip side of that equation. A side that I am more likely to be on. And I might venture, a side that most of the people who might read this post probably are on as well.

The simple fact is that games are fun. They are designed to keep you interested. And they offer people who tend to the introverted side of the scale to exercise their mind without having to deal with other people directly. Even an MMO, where there are other people playing online in the same shared world as you, gives some distance between the gamer and those around him. Even a tabletop game, in which the people you are playing with might be sitting right next to you, gives a little bit of a buffer. And what those who are not introverted don't seem to realize is that those of us who are need that time away from people, we need that buffer between ourselves and the rest of the world sometimes. Even if it comes at the expense of having sex right away. If you are in a relationship with an introvert, and want to stay in it, you have to give them some space. A lot of space. They don't love you any less. They just need to recharge their batteries regularly, and to do that, they need time alone, possibly with their xbox.

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