Monday, October 6, 2014

Musical Monday - Best Game Ever by Mikey Mason

So, I didn't post any reviews last week. And, more or less, role-playing games are the reason why. After something of a hiatus, my gaming group got back into our role-playing campaign, and because I am the Game Master, that meant that I had to scramble to prepare materials for the session. This meant that last week, instead of writing reviews to post, I was coming up with encounters for the players in my campaign to confront and, if they got lucky, defeat. And I am happy to report, that is mostly what happened. As an added bonus, we introduced someone who had never gamed before to role-playing, and as far as I can tell, she had a great time. In even better news, I sort of over prepared for the game session, so I won't have to do a pile of work before our next session.

And if you ever want to know why role-playing games are fantastic, well, listen to the song. The moments Mason describes in the song - defeating a dragon in three rounds, having a player get his character killed by mouthing off to a deity, splitting the loot and getting experience points after the adventure - these are the things that stick in your memory after the game is done, and this is why we play role-playing games. Sitting around a table with new players who don't know what dice to roll, and have only a vague idea of what is going on, but are still having a blast, this is why we play role-playing games.

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