Monday, October 13, 2014

Musical Monday - Ennui (On We Go) by The Doubleclicks

The redhead and I went to CapClave this past weekend. For those who don't know, CapClave is an annual literary oriented science fiction convention held near Washington D.C. So we spent the last few days listening to authors on panels, talking with authors, finding new books to read, getting our books signed, and generally enjoying the heavy dose of nerdity provided by the convention. We got to meet authors such as Holly Black, Alex Shvartsman, Sarah Avery, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Day Al-Mohammed, and Lawrence Watt-Evans, as well as several others. We went to a book launch party for Dark Quest books and another party promoting the Washington Science Fiction Association's bid to host the 2017 World Science Fiction Convention. We even played a few games - trying out Puerto Rico and Cities and Knights of Catan. And we also managed to throw in a reasonable amount of volunteering to help the convention function - moving boxes for the dealers, working at the registration desk, and generally doing whatever we could to help out.

But now all that is over, and we are both experiencing the inevitable con-drop: That listless feeling that comes after a convention is over when you're dead tired but wish the fun was still happening. And few songs capture the feeling of ennui that one feels after a convention is finished quite like The Doubleclicks song Ennui (On We Go). They aren't actually talking about the feelings of post-convention let-down, but even so, they capture the emotion perfectly.

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