Wednesday, June 3, 1970

Musical Artist - Cecil Coles

Cecil Coles was a Scottish composer and casualty of the First World War. Although he came from a family of relatively modest means, he was educated at the Royal Conservatory of Music where he had earned a scholarship, and also studied at Edinburgh University and Stuttgart Conservatory. Coles served as assistant composer for the Stuttgart Royal Opera for some years, returning to Britain in 1913 when he got married and joined the faculty at Morley College.

When the Great War broke out, Coles was called up as a member of the Queen's Victoria Rifles and served on the western front as the unit's bandmaster. During his years on the western front Coles continued to compose, and sent his work to his friend Gustav Holst. On April 26th, 1918, Coles was helping recover casualties when he was shot and killed by a German sniper.

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