Thursday, June 4, 1970

Musical Artist - Danish National Symphony Orchestra

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra is a Danish orchestra based in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Concert Hall. The Orchestra is the principal orchestra of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Originally founded in 1925, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performed its first public concert in 1927, and began performing weekly concerts in 1928. Other than a period of time spent in exile during the German occupation of Denmark in the 1940s, the orchestra has been based and regularly performed in Copenhagen for its entire existence.

In addition to its tours and local live performances, the orchestra has recorded commercially, producing recordings of music by Danish composers such as August Enna, Niels Gade, Rued Langgaard, Carl Nielsen, and Per Nørgård as well as older composers such as Johannes Brahms.

In addition to it live performances The Orchestra has an official website named the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. They also have a Facebook page.

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