Tuesday, June 2, 1970

Musical Artist - Bloom, Rachel

Rachel Bloom is an American comedienne and actress who gained geek fame by releasing her paean to the sexually enticing nature of science fiction author Ray Bradbury titled Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury. Bloom is known for improvisational stand up comedy and for the many Funny or Die videos she has appeared in.

Bloom is an accomplished singer, and has an impressive list of hilarious recordings to her credit including Pictures of Your Dick, You Can Touch My Boobies, I Steal Pets, and the darkly comedic Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song. She is also an accomplished comedy writer, and has written for The Mythical Show, Allen Gregory, and Robot Chicken.

Bloom has a website named Rachel Does Stuff as well as a Facebook fan page, and can be found on Twitter.

Musical Monday Selections:

12/07/15: Chanukah Honey
10/18/10: Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury
02/10/14: Historically Accurate Disney Princess Song
11/07/16: Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote) by Rachel Bloom (and friends)
02/25/13: You Can Touch My Boobies

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