Wednesday, March 18, 1970

Author - Romerstein, Herbert

Birth: August 13, 1931.

Death: May 7, 2013.

Comments: Herbert Romerstein was an American author, historian, Congressional staffer, and political appointee best known for his work with the House Un-American Activities Committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and for his appointment as the director of the Office to Counter Soviet Disinformation. In his youth, Romerstein joined the Communist Party, but by his twenties he had left that organization and turned entirely against it. Fort twenty years, Romerstein worked as a staffer for the House of Representatives, and in the 1980s he was appointed to his post as the United States Information Agency by Ronald Reagan. Romerstein wrote several books focused on anti-Communist themes, started with Communism and Your Child in 1962, and most famously and controversially, The Venona Secrets in 2000.

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