Thursday, March 19, 1970

Author - Shvartsman, Alex

Shvartsman and me at CapClave 2015
Birth: November 19, 1975.

Death: Still alive and finding Unidentified Funny Objects.

Comments: Alex Shvartsman is an American science fiction author, editor, and Magic the Gathering player. Born in the Ukraine, Shvartsman emigrated to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to writing many humorous science fiction stories, Shvartsman is also the editor-in-chief of UFO Publishing, and the editor of the Unidentified Funny Objects series. In 2014, Shvartsman won the WSFA Small Press Award for his story Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma. In addition to his success as a writer and editor, Shvartsman is a professional Magic the Gathering player, having had considerable success on the Grand Prix circuit.

Svartsman has a website named Alex Shvartsman's Speculative Fiction. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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