Monday, March 9, 1970

Author - Ian, Janis

Birth: April 7, 1951.

Death: Still alive and singing.

Comments: Janis Ian is one of those people who is so talented that the rest of us mere mortals can only stand back and bow our heads in respect. She is probably most famous as the folk singer responsible for such songs as At Seventeen, Jesse, and Society's Child, with a recording career that won her two Grammy Awards. But she is also a science fiction author and poet, with several works of short science fiction published.

Ian is a critic of the RIAA, sharing the sentiments of Eric Flint and Cory Doctorow concerning the usefulness of free downloads of music and printed works. In 1993, Ian came out as a lesbian, eventually marrying her partner Patricia Snyder, and has been active in LBGT causes, writing several articles for the magazine The Advocate. Following her mother's death, Ian established the Pearl Foundation, which funds scholarships for older continuing education students, in her honor. Ian has a website, titled Janis Ian: American Songwriter.

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