Monday, March 9, 1970

Author - Iggulden, Conn

Birth: 1971.

Death: Still alive and telling kids to do "dangerous" things.

Comments: Conn Iggulden is a British author of historical fiction. He studied English at the University of London, and taught the subject for several years and was at one point the head of the English department at Haydon School. Iggulden eventually left teaching when he wrote is first novel The Gates of Rome.

Iggulden has written two significant historical fiction series: the four-part Emperor series, which takes place in Rome during the life of Julius Ceasar, and the five-part Conqueror series, a fictionalized treatment of the lives of the Mongol warlords Genghis, Odegai, and Kublai Khan.

Iggulden also coauthored The Dangerous Book for Boys. He has has a website named Conn Iggulden.

My reviews of Conn Iggulden's books:
Conqueror: A Novel of Kublai Khan
Khan: Empire of Silver - A Novel of the Khan Empire

Other books by Conn Iggulden that I have read but not reviewed:

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