Saturday, March 14, 1970

Author - Neyer, Rob

Birth: June 22, 1966.

Death: Still alive and writing about baseball.

Comments: Rob Neyer is a sports writer who got his start as a research assistant for Bill James. As one might expect, Neyer's primary focus is on baseball reporting with a heavy emphasis on the analytic aspects of the sport. Neyer attended the University of Kansas, but dropped out and never graduated. After working with James and STATS, Inc., Neyer moved to ESPN and worked there as a writer from 1996 to 2011, but left ESPN in 2011 to write for SB Nation. He is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, which means he gets to vote on Hall of Fame selections.

Neyer has a website named Rob Neyer and is on Twitter.

My reviews of Rob Neyer's books:

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