Wednesday, March 18, 1970

Author - Rountree, Josh

Birth: March 19, 1973.

Death: Still alive and writing fiction.

Comments: Josh Rountree is an American speculative fiction author who lives in Austin Texas. He has published numerous works of short fiction, but the only work of his with which I am familiar is Escaping Salvation, a short story that he wrote with Samantha Henderson. Thus far Rountree appears to have no novels available to the public.

Rountree has a website named Josh Rountree: Fantasy/Horror/General Weirdness, and you can also find him on Twitter. He also has a blog titled Nothing for All, on LiveJournal of all places, but it appears that it was last updated in early 2013.

My reviews of Josh Rountree's books:

Other books by Josh Rountree that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Josh Rountree appearing in works that I have reviewed:
Escaping Salvation (with Samantha Henderson) found in Realms of Fantasy (June 2011)

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