Friday, March 20, 1970

Author - Taylor, Jessica

Birth: I don't even know if I've found the right Jessica Taylor.

Death: I'm pretty sure no.

Comments: Authors with common names often pose a conundrum for me when I am trying to research these pages. An author who is particularly famous is usually pretty easy to research, and a lesser known author with a reasonably distinctive name is also fairly easy to research. Authors with fairly common names usually require a little more work on my part to separate the actual author from others who share their name, but I can usually figure it out eventually.

But sometimes an author with a common name is elusive, even with all of my best research skills applied to hunting them down. In the case of Jessica Taylor, I think this is the correct author, but I can't be sure, since I can't directly connect the poem Blueprint for a Domed City to this author focused on young adult urban fantasy. If this isn't the correct author, I apologize to both this Jessica Taylor and the Jessica Taylor I was actually looking for. Blame my poor research skills.

This Jessica Taylor went to law school and then decided not to practice law and instead pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She has a website named Jessica Taylor: Writer of Young Adult Urban Fantasy, and a blog named Jessica Taylor: Young Adult Writer, and you can follow her on Twitter

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