Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Milligan, Tony

Birth: I don't know when, but I'm guessing it was in the United Kingdom.

Death: Still alive and writing about philosophy and ethics.

Comments: Tony Milligan is a Scottish philosopher specialized in the areas of the philosophy of love, animal ethics, and space ethics. He is currently a teaching fellow in ethics and the philosophy of religion in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Kings College, London. Milligan began his studies at the University of Stirling, and then moved on to the University of Glasgow to study for his Ph.D. After earning his doctorate, he worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Aberdeen and as a lecturer at the University of Hull and later at the University of Hertfordshire, before moving to his current position at King's College in London.

My reviews of Tony Milligan's books:
Nobody Owns the Moon: The Ethics of Space Exploitation

Other books by Tony Milligan that I have read but not reviewed:

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