Monday, March 16, 1970

Author - Patterson, Brian

Me and Patterson at GenCon 2014
Birth: March 15, 1977.

Death: Still alive and making jokes about pixilated penises.

Comments: Brian Patterson is an American illustrator best known for his webcomic d20 Monkey. As a long-time lover of role-playing games, Patterson created d20 Monkey as a vehicle for stories about the people who play the games, and so that he could draw pixilated penises every now and then. For reference, the picture I took with him was just after Patterson's panel at GenCon titled "d20 and Dick Jokes". Pattern has a deep and abiding love of Christmas, and a regular feature of d20 Monkey is a Christmas arc that involves one of the regular characters on the strip who is actually Santa Claus. He also works as a freelance illustrator, having done several projects for various game companies.

Patterson maintains the website d20 Monkey, which is the home of the d20 Monkey webcomic. He can also be found on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

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