Tuesday, March 3, 1970

Author - Cavanaugh, Alex J.

I believe that this is a
picture of Alex J. Cavanaugh
But this is the picture he
uses as his profile image
Birth: I don't know when, but if I had to guess where it would be in the Carolinas.

Death: Still alive and designing websites.

Comments: Alex J. Cavanaugh is a science fiction author who has written two space opera style novels: CassaStar and CassaFire. In addition to being a published author, Cavanaugh does web design and graphics and is an accomplished musician. An interesting point about Cavanaugh is that he maintains that he is not intent upon making a career out of writing, as he says he enjoys his other interests too much to devote himself to being a full time author.

Cavanaugh is the founder of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. He also has a self-titled blog called Alex J. Cavanaugh and you can follow him on Twitter. He was recently interviewed by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer Chat. The transcript of the interview can be found on Raygun Revivial.

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