Tuesday, March 3, 1970

Author - Cleary, David Ira

Birth: Certainly, but I have no idea when.

Death: Still alive and married to Cheryl Anne Cleary.

Comments: David Ira Cleary is a technical writer, computer programmer, and science fiction writer. He has published almost two dozen works of short fiction, but no novels as of yet. One of his short stories was adapted and used as the basis for an episode of the televisions show Welcome to the Paradox.

Cleary is a successful science fiction writer, in that he has sold so many pieces of short fiction, but he is an instructive case for the aspiring writer to consider: Despite his obvious and enduring success spanning two decades, he apparently has not secured a book contract to publish one of his several completed but unpublished novels. Whether this is because Cleary has declined to do so, or because he has not been given the opportunity is not clear. But for the would-be author who thinks they will be turning out novels within a year or two of starting their career, Cleary serves as a reminder that you can be an excellent writer and it still may not happen for you that quickly.

Cleary has a website named David Ira Cleary.

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