Friday, March 13, 1970

Author - Mesic, Harriet Bey

This is supposedly a picture of
Harriet Bey Mesic
Birth: After the U.S. Civil War, but before the present.

Death: Not yet as far as I know.

Comments: Harriet Bey Mesic is a direct descendant of William David Wiggins, a Confederate cavalryman who served in the Ninth Georgia Volunteers, better known as Cobb's Legion Cavalry. One is consequently not surprised that she spent years creating a detailed unit history of her ancestor's outfit titled Cobb's Legion Cavalry. There is very little other available information about Mrs. Mesic, other than the fact that she apparently lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia at some point and has written a book about life in Fredericksburg during the U.S. Civil War as well.

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