Wednesday, March 18, 1970

Author - Raphel, Jarius

I think this is actually supposed
to be a picture of Leena and Darwin
Birth: As a multi-author pseudonym, Raphel was created rather than born, and that was just before the first book in the resulting series was written.

Death: Although the individual authors are alive and well and should stay that way for a long time, this ridiculous pseudonym can't die soon enough.

Comments: The back jacket of the Legend of a Ninja books described Jarius Raphel using this language "Representing one of the wisest ninjas in the world, Jarius has connections to the deepest parts of the ninja empire." Authors, I implore you, don't do silly stuff like this. It looks juvenile and doesn't impress anyone except for thirteen year old fans of Naruto. And even they will think that you are being pretentious and stupid.

In any event, the authors who go by the pseudonym Jarius Raphel have a website devoted to their stories named Legend of a Ninja and a related Facebook fan page.

My reviews of Jarius Raphel's books:
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Legend of a Ninja 2: Rise of the Shadowsalve

Other books by Jarius Raphel that I have read but not reviewed:

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