Saturday, March 7, 1970

Author - Gladstone, Kate

Birth: Sure. I suppose it must have happened.

Death: Probably not yet, but I have no idea.

Comments: Kate Gladstone is a science fiction writer. That's pretty much most of what I can confirm about her. I know that she has published on Probability Zero short work in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and she has published three poems and a couple of letters, but that's pretty much it. The difficulty in tracking down information about this author is that there is a woman named Kate Gladstone who calls herself an expert in handwriting repair who dominates all searches on the name "Kate Gladstone", and while it is possible that this person is the same person as the author who has written for Analog, I can't find anything that would confirm a connection between them.

My reviews of Kate Gladstone's books:

Other books by Kate Gladstone that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Kate Gladstone appearing in works that I have reviewed:
Probability Zero: The Last Time My Computer Went Down found in Analog Science Fiction and Fact: Vol. CXXXIV, No. 6 (June 2014)

Poems by Kate Gladstone appearing in works that I have reviewed:

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