Sunday, March 15, 1970

Author - O'Day, Andrew

Birth: I don't know when, but I know it was in Birmingham, England.

Death: Still alive and analyzing Doctor Who.

Comments: Andrew O'Day is a British author and academic whose primary focus is on the study of television. He is also a huge Doctor Who fan, and has written extensively about the show. O'Day has a B.A. in English from McGill University, an M.A. in Text and Performance Studies from King's College, and a Ph.D. in Television Studies from Royal Holloway. In addition to his numerous articles and essays on topics ranging from Doctor Who to Jack the Ripper, O'Day has coauthored a book titled Terry Nation, focusing on that writer's science fiction output.

O'Day has a website titled The Authorized Andrew O'Day Profile Pages, a profile page on Academia, and can also be found on Twitter.

My reviews of Andrew O'Day's books:

Other books by Andrew O'Day that I have read but not reviewed:

Essays by Andrew O'Day appearing in works that I have reviewed:
Event TV: Fan Consumption of Televised Doctor Who in Britain found in Doctor Who in Time and Space
Social Spaces: British Fandom to the Present found in Doctor Who in Time and Space

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