Sunday, October 31, 1976

1976 World Fantasy Award Nominees

Location: World Fantasy Convention, New York, New York.

Comments: Although 1976 was only the second year for the World Fantasy Awards, one can already see the awards maturing, with full slates of nominees in every category except Best Novel, where there were only two total nominees. Fritz Leiber did very well in the awards, winning an award for his short story Belsen Express along with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

However, the pervasive racism and sexism of the era is also readily apparent as not a single woman or non-white was nominated in any of the categories.Although the white boys club of science fiction was slowly breaking up by the mid-1970s, in the fantasy world, the lily white sausage commandos that dominated fantasy fiction were much slower to release their death grip on the genre.

Best Novel

Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson

Other Nominees:
Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Best Short Fiction

Belsen Express by Fritz Leiber

Other Nominees:
The Barrow Troll by David Drake
Born of the Winds by Brian Lumley
The Ghastly Priest Doth Reign by Manly Wade Wellman

Best Collection

The Enquiries of Doctor Eszterhazy by Avram Davidson

Other Nominees:
Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison
The Early Long by Frank Belknap Long
Far Lands, Other Days by E. Hoffmann Price

Lifetime Achievement

Fritz Leiber

Other Nominees:
Ray Bradbury
Frank Belknap Long
Manly Wade Wellman

Best Artist

Frank Frazetta

Other Nominees:
George Barr
Steve Fabian
Edward Gorey
Tim Kirk

Special Award, Professional

Donald M. Grant

Other Nominees:
Willis Conover
L. Sprague de Camp
Arkham House
Frank Belknap Long
Donald A. Wollheim

Special Award, Non-Professional

Karl Edward Wagner, David Drake, and James Groce

Other Nominees:
Gerry de la Ree
Harry O. Morris, Jr.
George Scithers
Roy A. Squires
Robert Weinberg

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