Thursday, December 31, 1970

1970 Nebula Award Nominees

Location: Unknown.

Comments: 1970 was an amazing year for the Nebula Awards. There are very few award cycles in which I find ever winner to be completely deserving of their honors. The 1970 Nebula Awards is one of those cases. Ursula K. Le Guin won the Best Novel Award for her brilliant examination of gender in The Left Hand of Darkness. Harlan Ellison won the Best Novella Award for his brilliant story A Boy and His Dog, which was later made into a movie starring Don Johnson, Samuel R. Delany won for his deconstruction of the economics of crime in Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones, and Robert Silverberg's deeply creepy Passengers won the Best Short Story Award.

My love for the slate of winners of the 1970 Nebula Awards does not mean that I don't think that many of the other nominees were also brilliant stories. Almost all of them clearly were. And the depth of quality that is found in the Nebula Award nominees is, in my opinion, a testament to the high quality that the Nebula Awards achieved.

Best Novel

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

Other Nominees:
Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad
Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny
The Jagged Orbit by John Brunner
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Up the Line by Robert Silverberg

Best Novella

A Boy and His Dog by Harlan Ellison

Other Nominees:
Dramatic Mission by Anne McCaffrey
Probable Cause by Charles L. Harness
Ship of Shadows by Fritz Leiber (found in The Hugo Winners, Volume 3, Book 1)
To Jorslem by Robert Silverberg

Best Novelette

Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones by Samuel R. Delany (reviewed in More Stories from the Hugo Winners, Volume II)

Other Nominees:
The Big Flash by Norman Spinrad
Deeper than the Darkness by Gregory Benford
Nine Lives by Ursula K. Le Guin

Best Short Story

Passengers by Robert Silverberg

Other Nominees:
The Last Flight of Dr. Ain by James Tiptree, Jr.
The Man Who Learned Loving by Theodore Sturgeon
Not Long Before the End by Larry Niven
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin by Harlan Ellison

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Monday, August 24, 1970

1970 Hugo Award Nominees

Location: Heicon '70 in Heidelberg, Germany.

Comments: Just two years after Anne McCaffrey became the first woman to win the Hugo Award , another woman, this time Ursula K. Le Guin, took home the big prize with her novel The Left Hand of Darkness. It is an indication of how much of a boys' club the science fiction community was that these achievements by female writers are considered significant even now, and yet Samuel R. Delany's win as (I believe) the first African-American winner of a Hugo Award for his story Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones was such a non-event as to be almost forgotten now. (The milestone having been forgotten, not Delany's excellent story). Although Silverberg didn't win any Hugo awards this year, he did pull off the impressive feat of having works nominated in all three of the written fiction categories.

In 1970, the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation took an unusual, but not unexpected turn as the statue was given to "The News Coverage of Apollo XI". Apparently the Worldcon that year was understandably swept up with moon landing fever. The question that comes to my mind is who actually collected the award? Did Walter Cronkite show up at the Worldcon to get himself a Hugo?

Best Novel

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

Other Nominees:
Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad
Macroscope by Piers Anthony
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Up the Line by Robert Silverberg

Best Novella

Ship of Shadows by Fritz Leiber (reviewed in The Hugo Winners, Volume 3, Book 1)

Other Nominees:
A Boy and His Dog by Harlan Ellison
Dramatic Mission by Anne McCaffrey
To Jorslem by Robert Silverberg
We All Die Naked by James Blish

Best Short Story

Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones by Samuel R. Delany (reviewed in More Stories from the Hugo Winners, Volume II)

Other Nominees:
Deeper than the Darkness by Gregory Benford
Not Long Before the End by Larry Niven
Passengers by Robert Silverberg
Winter's King by Ursula K. Le Guin

Best Dramatic Presentation

News coverage of Apollo XI

Other Nominees:
The Bed-Sitting Room
The Illustrated Man
The Immortal (complete series)

Best Professional Magazine

Fantasy & Science Fiction edited by Edward L. Ferman

Other Nominees:
Amazing Stories edited by Ted White
Galaxy edited by Frederik Pohl and Ejler Jakobsson
New Worlds edited by Michael Moorcock

Best Professional Artist

Frank Kelly Freas

Other Nominees:
Vaughn Bodé
Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
Jack Gaughan
Eddie Jones
Jeff Jones

Best Fanzine

Science Fiction Review edited by Richard E. Geis

Other Nominees:
Beabohema edited by Frank Lunney
Locus edited by Charles Brown
Riverside Quarterly edited by Leland Sapiro
Speculation edited by Peter R. Weston

Best Fan Writer

Wilson (Bob) Tucker

Other Nominees:
Piers Anthony
Charles Brown
Richard Delap
Richard E. Geis

Best Fan Artist

Tim Kirk

Other Nominees:
Alicia Austin
George Barr
Steve Fabian
Bill Rotsler

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Friday, July 3, 1970


/This page lists all of the event related posts that I have written. These are mostly announcements that I will be attending a particular convention or author appearance, or write-ups that I have put together after I have gone to such an event. Essentially anything that involves me writing about going to some function of some kind will be listed here.

08/09/17: Sophia Rey Tiberius Pound, August 8th, 2017
08/31/16: MidAmeriCon II, August 17th - 21st, 2016: Saturday and Sunday
08/25/16: MidAmeriCon II, August 17th - 21st, 2016: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
06/01/16: Balticon 50, May 27th - 30th, 2016
09/02/13: Gen Con, August 14th - 18th, 2013: Saturday and Sunday
08/29/13: Gen Con, August 14th - 18th, 2013: Friday
08/21/13: Gen Con, August 14th - 18th, 2013: Wednesday and Thursday
06/18/13: The Doubleclicks at ThinkGeek, June 13th, 2013
07/13/11: InConJunction Recap: July 1st - 3rd, 2011
06/26/11: InConjunction: July 1st - 3rd, 2011 in Indianapolis
05/10/11: Nevada Rose Book Release Party
04/18/11: A.S. King at Hooray for Books!


Follow Friday

This is the list of all of the Follow Friday posts resulting from my participation in the Follow Friday meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. When I started participating in the meme, I began numbering my Follow Friday posts in order to differentiate them from one another, and that morphed into coming up with something interesting about every number I used.

Oddly, I skipped the number seventy-four. To make up for this oversight, I inserted 74 in place of 174 and 174 in place of 274. When I get to 374, I may insert 274 in 174's place. Maybe I won't. We'll see. This blog has also been the featured blogger on this meme once, resulting in my Follow Friday Recap.

04/04/14: In Fallout 2 the Chosen One Starts with $152 in Cash
01/10/14: 140 Characters Is the Maximum Length of a Tweet
12/26/13: The Hymn to Apollo Was Written in 138 B.C.
12/20/13: There Are 137 Atoms in a Chlorophyll Molecule
11/15/13: The First Seimometer Was Invented by Zhang Heng in 132 A.D.
10/25/13: Galen Was Born in 129 A.D.
10/18/13: ASCII Has Definitions for 128 Characters
10/04/13: Gilgamesh Ruled Over Uruk for 126 years
09/20/13: 124 Is an Untouchable Number
09/13/13: Mitch Kapor Became a Millionaire by Designing Lotus 1-2-3
09/07/13: Jeanne Calment Was 122 Years Old When She Died
08/30/13: A Chinese Checkers Board Has 121 Holes
08/09/13: Port 119 Is the Default for Unencrypted NNTP Connections
07/26/13: The Mystery of Element 117 Is a Science Fiction Story by Milton Smith
07/05/13: The Atomic Number of Ununpentium Is 115
06/22/13: The Current Congress Is the 113th Congress
05/17/13: Ulysses Killed All 108 of Penelope's Unwelcome Suitors
05/03/13: There Are Currently One Hundred and Seven Nobel Laureates in Literature
04/27/13: 17 U.S.C. § 106 Protects Exclusive Rights in Copyright
04/19/13: The Trajan Bridge Was Built in 105 A.D.
04/04/13: The Ice Truck Killer's Calling Card Was the Number 103
03/29/13: The Empire State Building Has One Hundred and Two Floors
03/22/13: Winston Smith Was Sent to Room 101 to Be Tortured With His Greatest Fear
03/15/13: The Hundred Days Campaign Ended With the Battle of Waterloo
03/08/13: Agent 99 Was Played by Barbara Feldon
03/01/13: In 98 A.D. Tacitus Finished Writing the Germania
02/22/13: About 97% of the Water on Earth Is Salt Water
02/15/13: In 96 A.D. Nerva Became the First of the Five Good Emperors
02/08/13: NATO Called the Tupolev TU-95 "The Bear"
02/01/13: The Atomic Number of Plutonium Is Ninety-Four
01/25/13: Quatrevingt-Treize Is a Victor Hugo Novel About the French Revolution
01/05/13: Sparrowhawk Bound the Dragon Yevaud to Protect the Ninety Isles
12/21/12: One of My Ancestors May Have Been a Sooner in the Land Rush of 1889
12/14/12: In Kill Bill O-Ren Ishii's Gang Was the Crazy 88s
12/09/12: Lincoln Mentioned "Fourscore and Seven Years" in the Gettysburg Address
11/30/12: There Are 86 Metals on the Periodic Table of Elements
11/15/12: NGC 85 Is a Galaxy in Andromeda
11/09/12: Eighty Four Is a Town in Pennsylvania
11/03/12: On Old Televisions 83 Was the Highest UHF Channel
10/26/12: Alchemists Didn't Know That the Atomic Number of Lead Is 82
10/12/12: Phileas Fogg Went Around the World in Eighty Days
10/05/12: Alien and Star Trek: The Motion Picture Were Both Released in 1979
09/29/12: A Typical Tarot Deck Has Seventy-Eight Cards
09/14/12: There Were Seventy-Six Trombones in the Big Parade
08/31/12: Dr. Sheldon Cooper Proved That 73 Is the Best Number
08/24/12: Seventy-Two Degrees Fahrenheit Is Room Temperature
08/17/12: The Coolest Airplane in the World Is the SR-71 Blackbird
08/10/12: Psalms 90:10 Measures a Man's Life as Seventy Years
07/29/12: "68 Publishers" Was an Outlet for Exiled Czech and Slovak Authors
07/13/12: Sixty-Seven Is a Lucky Prime
07/06/12: Order 66 Directed the Clone Troopers to Kill the Jedi
06/22/12: The U.S.S. Enterprise is CVN-65
06/15/12: My First Computer Was a Commodore 64
06/08/12: The Offspring of a Donkey and a Horse Has Sixty-Three Chromosomes
06/01/12: Sixty-Two Scared Sigmund Freud
05/25/12: Boudica Rebelled Against Roman Rule in 61 A.D.
05/18/12: There Are Sixty Carbon Atoms in a Buckyball
05/04/12: I'm Feelin' Groovy, Let's Go to the 59th Street Bridge
04/27/12: There Are Fifty-Eight Spaces in the Game Hexxagon
04/13/12: Fifty-Six Men Signed the Declaration of Independence
04/06/12: Charlton Heston and David Niven Kicked Ass in 55 Days in Peking
03/30/12: There Are Fifty-Four Milligrams of Caffeine in a Can of Mountain Dew
03/23/12: Herbie the Love Bug Is Car Number Fifty-Three
03/16/12: If You Drop a Deck of Cards You Can Play Fifty-Two Pick-Up
03/02/12: Fifty Years Is the Traditional Length of a Jubilee
02/23/12: Forty-Nine Is Seven Squared
02/17/12: Julius Caesar Defeated Pompey in Forty-Eight B.C.
02/10/12: Join the Forty-Seven Society. Or Honor the Forty-Seven Ronin. Or Both.
02/04/12: You Have Forty-Six Chromosomes. Unless You're a Mutant or a Chimpanzee
01/27/12: Billy Dee Williams Drinks Colt Forty-Five, You Better Not Run Out of It
01/20/12: Forty-Four Was Reggie Jackson's Number, Stir the Drink
01/12/12: Forty-Three Is the Atomic Number of Technetium
12/24/11: Forty-Two Is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
12/16/11: Forty-One Was Brian Piccolo's Number, Sing a Song for Him
12/09/11: Ali Baba Faced Off Against Forty Thieves
11/17/11: The Thirty-Eighth Parallel Separates the Koreas
11/10/11: Thirty-Seven Is the Smallest Non-Supersingular Prime
11/03/11: Thirty-Six Is Six Squared
10/15/11: You Have to Be Thirty-Five to Be President of the United States
10/07/11: Thirty-Four Is a Heptagonal Number
10/02/11: Thirty-Three Was Larry Bird's Number
09/09/11: Thirty-Two Is a Leyland Number Where X = Two and Y = Four
08/26/11: Thirty-One Is a Happy Prime
08/19/11: You Can't Trust Anyone Over Thirty, Except Me
08/12/11: Twenty-Nine? Hey, That's a Prime Number!
08/05/11: February Has Twenty-Eight Days, Usually
07/29/11: Twenty-Seven Should Be Sacred to the Minbari
07/22/11: Twenty-Six Is Only Divisible by Thirteen
07/15/11: A Quarter of a Century
07/08/11: I Was Twenty-Four When I Got Married for the First Time
07/01/11: Twenty-Three Is the Last Prime Number Until Twenty-Nine
06/24/11: Twenty-Two Is the Same Backwards and Forwards
06/17/11: At Twenty-One, the Follow Friday Can Drink Now
06/10/11: D&D Characters Can Buy Arrows by the Score
06/03/11: Does Anyone Else Remember the Song Nineteen?
05/20/11: Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
05/06/11: Seventeen Is a Prime Number
04/28/11: Louis the Sixteenth
04/21/11: The Ides of Fridays
04/14/11: A Fortnight of Fridays
04/07/11: A Baker's Dozen
03/24/11: This One Goes to Eleven. Well, Five Actually
03/19/11: Decimeters
03/11/11: Number Nine
03/04/11: Aces Over Eights
02/25/11: Sevens
02/17/11: Sixth Time Is the Charm
02/11/11: A Fifth of Following
02/04/11: For the Fourth Time
01/28/11: Again, Again
01/21/11: Again
01/14/11: Virgin Friday

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Random Thoughts

This is the list of all of the Random Thought posts that I have written. I am occasionally moved to write on a topic that occurs to me that simply isn't easily placed in one particular category or another, so I call them random thoughts. There is basically no rhyme or reason to my choice of topics, or how often I post these sorts of musings. They are, as the name implies, mostly random.

10/31/18: Moving
10/16/18: Unexpected Lives
09/12/18: The Misery of the Hustler, and the Joy of Being a Fan
09/05/18: Five Things
01/23/18: Farewell Le Guin
05/02/17: Some Thoughts About Library Book Sales
03/21/17: My Nominations for the 2017 Hugo Awards
01/11/17: High School, Expectations, and Literature
11/11/16: Third Party Candidates and American Elections
10/18/16: The 2014 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
10/12/16: The 2015 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
09/27/16: The 2016 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
09/20/16: 2016 "What Could Have Been" Hugo Finalists
05/13/16: Why Not the Hugo Longlist?
05/08/16: 2015 "What Could Have Been" Hugo Finalists
05/08/16: How to UnPuppy a Hugo Ballot
08/27/15: Things to Consider for 2016 Hugo Nominations
03/17/15: Ten Years Without Andre Norton
12/25/14: One Hundred Years Ago
08/20/14: My Thoughts on the 2014 Hugo Award Results
08/17/14: My 2014 Gen Con Haul
06/04/14: Amazon Links, or Rather the Lack Thereof
02/26/14: What I've Been Reading (Because It Hasn't Been Books)
11/21/13: The Great Twitter Music War of 2013
09/03/13: The Tabletop Games I Own
08/03/13: Changes to My Reading Pattern and Some Notes on Policies
03/23/13: A Funeral: Infinity and Meaning
10/04/12: Typing With a Splint On Is Slow, Plus Thoughts About Public Television
08/15/12: R.I.P. Harry Harrison
05/14/12: Library Book Sales!
08/11/11: So, How Many Have You Read?
07/18/11: Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series to My Son
05/23/11: A Massive Sidetrack
03/08/11: The Litany Against McDune
02/19/11: Follow Friday Follow-Up, Blog Organization, and Haiku
02/13/11: I Drew Donald Duck
02/02/11: Stylish Blogger Award
11/02/10: Go See My Mother's Artwork
10/18/10: Did the Stimulus Package Work?
09/10/10: Earth
06/18/08: Magazines
02/04/08: Superbowl Sunday

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Book Blogger Hop

This is the list of all of the Book Blogger Hop posts resulting from my participation in the Book Blogger Hop meme hosted by Jen at Crazy for Books, and later by a collection of guest hosts. When I started participating in the meme, I followed the same practice for numbering these posts that I had previously used for my Follow Friday posts, coming up with something interesting about every number I used.

As of December 21, 2012, Jen stopped hosting the Book Blogger Hop due to shifts in her blogging focus, and as of February, 2012, the meme was taken over by Billy Burgess at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.

02/01/20: The Area Code for the U.S. Virgin Islands Is 340
01/11/20: Constantine the Great Died in 337 A.D.
01/04/20: The Video 3:36 by Poppy Is, Ironically, Only 40 Seconds Long
05/11/19: In 306 A.D., the Synod of Elvira Declared That Killing With a Magic Spell Is a Sin
05/28/16: There Were 156 Sons of Magbish in the Census of Israel
01/30/16: Jeppe Carlsen Created a Video Game Named 140
06/08/14: I Remember When 56 kbit/s Was the Fastest Analog Modem Speed
05/24/14: A Rubik's Cube Has 54 Colored Squares
05/11/14: Julius Ceasar Defeated Vercingetorix in 52 B.C.
02/09/14: Judah Ben-Hur Was Called 41 When He Was a Roman Warship Slave
01/26/14: 39 Is the Atomic Number of Yttrium
01/04/14: Superman Loves 36, Because He Is the First Son of Krypton
12/28/13: There Are Thirty-Five Free Hexominoes
12/14/13: 33 Is the Pilot Episode of the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica Series
12/08/13: A Full Adult Set of Human Teeth Consists of Thirty-Two Teeth
11/29/13: There Are Thirty-One Musical Triads
11/22/13: The Thirty Years War Lasted from 1618 to 1648
12/21/12: There Are Twenty-Nine Knuts in a Sickle

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