Sunday, September 9, 1979

1979 Prometheus Award Nominees

Location: Libertarian Party National Convention in Los Angeles, California.

Comments: It seems somewhat fitting that the first Prometheus Awards were an ad hoc affair handed out at the political convention of a party that has never had any real chance at impacting U.S. politics in any substantial manner. The haphazard nature of the Prometheus Awards is further highlighted by the fact that it would take a further three years before the organizers got around to handing out a second round of gold coins. This chaotic approach seems quite apropos for an award designed by and for writers who espouse libertarian principles, and consequently were probably about as easy to organize as a herd of cats.

Best Novel

Wheels Within Wheels by F. Paul Wilson

Other Nominees:
The Avatar by Poul Anderson
The Genesis Machine by James P. Hogan

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