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I currently receive and review four magazines that regularly feature speculative fiction on a regular basis. They are Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Asimov's Science Fiction, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Realms of Fantasy. I actually receive and read several other magazines (yeah, I'm one of the dinosaurs helping keep print periodicals in business) such as Locus, National Geographic, The Economist, and Science News, but I don't write about them because they don't feature fiction in their pages. There are a number of other speculative fiction oriented magazines out there that I don't review, mostly because I don't subscribe to them (one of the primary requirements for me reviewing a publication is that I have to actually have a copy - if anyone desperately wants me to start reviewing, say Interzone, then feel free to gift me a subscription). The links below will take you to the pages for each magazine listing the individual issues of each that I have reviewed.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact     Asimov's Science Fiction

Clarkesworld                                      Fantasy & Science Fiction

Realms of Fantasy


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