Who I Am

I am a Federal attorney specialized in fiscal and appropriations law, transportation audits law, and a lover of books. I am also a part-time English and History tutor, and sometimes dabble in tutoring Economics as well.

I am a confirmed bibliophile. As of the current date, I own and have cataloged 11,834 books, and that doesn't count the books that are on the kids' bookshelves. Because I am a bibliophile, I make sure that my books are arranged alphabetically by author. When I run out of shelf space, I acquire more shelves.

I have had countless people ask me whether I am going to sell my books, or give them away, or trade them in to a used bookstore (the answers to these questions, in order, are no, no, and no). I don't lend books, because when I have in the past, they would often vanish and never return to their rightful place on my shelves. But I am more than just a bibliophile. I am a science fiction and fantasy book lover. I have 5,276 titles that I categorize as science fiction, and 3,808 works of fantasy fiction. Together, these fall into the catch-all label of "speculative fiction", and form the core of my book collection.

Because I have been asked a couple times via comments and e-mail: I assembled much of my collection via long hours of hunting through used book stores, library book sales, church sales, garage sales, and pretty much anywhere else that one can find books. Many of the books I review are out of print, and have been for years, or they have been reprinted but most bookstores won't carry them because they are so old that they won't sell much. The result is that haunting used bookstores and the like hoping to find a copy is the only option other than hitting Amazon and taking advantage of the long tail of the internet.

I have written a number of posts that aren't specifically book, movie, or television reviews, author pages, or Musical Monday selections. These are generally categorized under the headings of Biased Opinions, Random Thoughts, and Follow Friday. Every year I participate in a number of reading challenges, and track them on pages named 2011 Challenges, 2012 Challenges, 2013 Challenges, 2014 Challenges, 2015 Challenges, 2016 Challenges, 2017 Challenges, and 2018 Challenges. I also have participated in the meme 30 Days of Genre.

If you are interested in having me review a book for you, here is Review Policy. My Google+ profile is Aaron Pound. I can also be found on LibraryThing and Facebook. You can also send me e-mail.