Sunday, October 14, 1979

1979 World Fantasy Award Nominees

Location: World Fantasy Convention, Providence, Rhode Island.

Comments: 1979 was a banner year for women at the World Fantasy Awards. Well, comparatively speaking it was. Yes there were only three women nominated across the categories, and only one award was won by a woman. But the sad fact is that these three nominations and one win served to double the recognition that women had been given during the lifetime of the World Fantasy Awards. It is somewhat depressing to realize that Avram Davidson, by himself, received as many nominations and wins in 1979 as the entire female half of the human race. For Davidson, this was a fantastically successful year, but for women, as usual, they were mostly ignored as the World Fantasy Awards continued their embarrassing run of rampant sexism.

Best Novel

Gloriana by Michael Moorcock

Other Nominees:
The Black Castle by Les Daniels
Night's Master by Tanith Lee
The Sound of Midnight by Charles L. Grant
The Stand by Stephen King

Best Short Fiction

Naples by Avram Davidson

Other Nominees:
A Good Night's Sleep (aka Sleep Well of Nights) by Avram Davidson
Hear Me Now, My Sweet Abbey Rose by Charles L. Grant
The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven
Within the Walls of Tyre by Michael Bishop

Best Anthology or Collection

Shadows edited by Charles L. Grant

Other Nominees:
Heroes and Horrors by Fritz Leiber
Night Shift by Stephen King
Night Winds by Karl Edward Wagner
The Redward Edward Papers by Avram Davidson
The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series VI edited by Gerald W. Page

Lifetime Achievement

Jorge Luis Borges

Other Nominees:
John Collier
L. Sprague de Camp
H. Warner Munn
John Myers Myers
Manly Wade Wellman

Best Artist

(tie) Alicia Austin
(tie) Dale Enzenbacher

Other Nominees:
Stephen Fabian
Michael Whelan

Special Award, Professional

Edward L. Ferman

Other Nominees:
Donald M. Grant

Special Award, Non-Professional

Donald H. Tuck

Other Nominees:
Paul C. Allen
Pat Cadigan and Arnie Fenner
W. Paul Ganley
Stuart David Schiff

Special Convention Award

Glen Lord

Other Nominees:

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