Television Reviews

This page contains links to the pages in which I have catalogued the reviews of television shows. I am currently working my way through Babylon 5, which is the greatest show ever put on television, the HBO reality series Cathouse, a sort of documentary exploration of life within the walls of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, and the Farscape science fiction series originally broadcast on the SciFi network (back before the network got stupid and changed its name to the moronic "SyFy" moniker it sports now).

Though my plate is currently full with these three series, I am planning on continuing to review more series. I will almost certainly eventually get around to reviewing all of the episodes of Firefly. Since I have all of both the Batman animated series the and Justice League animated series, I may eventually review those as well. I am open to suggestions as well, so anyone who wants a particular series reviewed should leave a comment. The only limitations I would impose on what I am willing to consider are that any series must be (a) at least somehow related to science fiction or fantasy, and (b) available in a DVD format that is usable for me. I won't promise that I will act on any suggestions, but if enough people prod me one way or another, I'll take it into consideration.

Babylon 5
Star Trek: The Original Series