Tuesday, December 31, 1974

1974 Mythopoeic Award Nominees

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Comments: In 1974 Mary Stewart became the first two-time winner of the Mythopoeic Award, winning in the Best Adult Fantasy literature category with her book The Hollow Hills. When one considers the history of the Mythopoeic Awards through 1974, it isn't surprising that the first two-time winner of the award was a woman. On the other hand, when one considers the wider contemporaneous context of genre awards, it is somewhat astounding, but then again, by this point, I have come to expect nothing less from the Mythopoeic Awards.

Best Adult Fantasy Literature

The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart

Other Nominees:
The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper
Exaclibur by Sanders Anne Laubenthal
High Deryni by Katherine Kurtz
Hrolf Kraki's Saga by Poul Anderson

Scholarship Award in Inklings Studies

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christian by Kathryn A. Lindskoog

Other Nominees:

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