Friday, December 31, 1982

1982 World Fantasy Award Nominees

Location: World Fantasy Convention, New Haven, Connecticut.

Comments: In 1982, the Best Novella category was added to the World Fantasy Awards. The only surprising thing about the addition of this category is that it took so long for it to become part of the World Fantasy Awards. Both the Hugos and the Nebulas - which the World Fantasy Award was specifically created to be a fantasy counterpart to - had been honoring the Best Novella of the year for several years by this point. Markets like Fantasy & Science Fiction had been publishing fantasy novellas for quite some time as well, so there was no shortage of potential nominees. But for mostly inexplicable reasons, the World Fantasy Awards didn't get around to recognizing novella length work as its own category until nearly a decade after the awards were created.

Best Novel

Little, Big by John Crowley

Other Nominees:
The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe
The Nameless by Ramsey Campbell
The War Hound and the World's Pain by Michael Moorcock
The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas

Best Novella

The Fire When It Comes by Parke Godwin

Other Nominees:
Ealdwood by C.J. Cherryh
Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock
The River of Night's Dreaming by Karl Edward Wagner

Best Short Fiction

(tie) The Dark Country by Dennis Etchison
(tie) Do the Dead Sing? (aka The Reach) by Stephen King

Other Nominees:
Coin of the Realm by Charles L. Grant
Fairy Tale by Jack Dann

Best Anthology or Collection

Elsewhere edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold

Other Nominees:
Fantasy Annual IV edited by Terry Carr
Shadows 4 edited by Charles L. Grant
Tales from the Nightside by Charles L. Grant
Whispers III edited by Stuart David Schiff

Lifetime Achievement

Italo Calvino

Other Nominees:
L. Sprague de Camp
Andre Norton
Jack Vance

Best Artist

Michael Whelan

Other Nominees:
Alicia Austin
Jill Bauman
Thomas Canty
Don Maitz
Rowena Morrill

Special Award, Professional

Edward L. Ferman

Other Nominees:
Donald M. Grant
David G. Hartwell
T.E.D. Klein
Tim Underwood and Chuck Miller

Special Award, Non-Professional

Paul C. Allen and Robert A. Collins

Other Nominees:
W. Paul Ganley
Stephen Jones and David Sutton
Ken Keller

Special Convention Award

Roy Krenkel
Joseph Payne Brennan

Other Nominees:

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