Sunday, October 14, 1984

1984 World Fantasy Nominees

Location: World Fantasy Convention, Ottowa, Ontario.

Comments: The 1984 World Fantasy Awards saw two developments. First, after deciding to stop publishing the names of the non-winning nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1983, the World Fantasy Awards decided to hand out a pile of Lifetime Achievement Awards rather than just one, as had been the previous practice. I'm not sure why they decided to make this change - perhaps the judges were concerned that some worthy nominees would pass away before they were recognized if they continued honoring just one nominee per year - but the decision resulted in five co-winners for the award this year.

Second, Tanith Lee blossomed into a force to be reckoned with in fantasy. She had already won a World Fantasy Award in 1983, but in this year not only did the author win another, but she was nominated for two more. It took the World Fantasy Awards several years to notice that women wrote excellent fantasy fiction, but once they did, the prodigious talent of women like Tanith Lee ensured that they would not be overlooked again.

Best Novel

The Dragon Waiting by John M. Ford

Other Nominees:
The Armageddon Rag by George R.R. Martin
Lyonesse by Jack Vance
Pet Sematary by Stephen King
Tea with the Black Dragon by R.A. MacAvoy
The Wandering Unicorn by Manuel Mujica Lainez

Best Novella

Black Air by Kim Stanley Robinson

Other Nominees:
The Lurking Duck by Scott Baker
The Monkey's Bride by Michael Bishop
Nunc Dimittis by Tanith Lee
The Red Hawk by Elizabeth A. Lynn

Best Short Fiction

Elle Est Trois, (La Mort) by Tanith Lee

Other Nominees:
The Hundred-Year Christmas by David Morrell
Into Whose Hands by Karl Edward Wagner
The Silent Cradle by Leigh Kennedy
Solitario's Eyes by Lucius Shepard
Wong's Lost and Found Emporium by William F. Wu

Best Anthology or Collection

High Spirits by Robertson Davies

Other Nominees:
The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror edited by Charles L. Grant
Red as Blood by Tanith Lee
Shadows 6 edited by Charles L. Grant
Tales of Wonder by Jane Yolen

Lifetime Achievement

L. Sprague de Camp
Richard Matheson
E. Hoffmann Price
Jack Vance
Donald Wandrei

Other Nominees:

Best Artist

Stephen Gervais

Other Nominees:
Jill Bauman
Edward Gorey
Robert Gould
Don Maitz
Rowena Morrill

Special Award, Professional

Ian Ballantine, Betty Ballantine, Joy Chant, George Sharp, and David Larkin

Other Nominees:
Everett F. Bleiler
L. Sprague de Camp, Catherine Crook de Camp, and Jane Whittington Griffin
Edward L. Ferman
Pat LoBrutto

Special Award, Non-Professional

Stephen Jones and David Sutton

Other Nominees:
Robert A. Collins
W. Paul Ganley
Robert M. Price
Douglas E. Winter

Special Convention Award

Donald M. Grant

Other Nominees:

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