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Realms of Fantasy

A bimonthly magazine focused on fantasy fiction, Realms of Fantasy, like many print periodicals, struggled for its last few years, and finally folded in 2011. It first started publication in 1994 and prospered reasonably well for years, but financial difficulties threatened to close its doors in 2009. It was bought by Tir Na Nog Press in 2009, and continued on until additional losses forced Tir Na Nog to announce in October 2010 that they were going to close it down after the December 2010 issue. The magazine was given a third lease on life when Damnation Press took over the magazine in November 2010 and announced plans to continue publishing it without any substantial break in continuity. Unfortunately, Damnation Press was only able to keep the magazine afloat for another year, and Realms of Fantasy finally published its last issue in October of 2011.

The magazine was a full-size, full color magazine that mostly featured short fiction, but had regular movie and book reviews as well as a column on the mythological underpinnings of many fantasy tropes called Folkroots and usually had a feature focusing on a different artist in the fantasy field in each issue. One primary element of continuity enjoyed by Realms of Fantasy was the fact that Shawna McCarthy, formerly the editor of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, served as fiction editor from its founding to its final issue.

1994-2009 Shawna McCarthy
2009-2011 Douglas Cohen

Fiction Editors
1994-2011 Shawna McCarthy


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