Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Thought - Superbowl Sunday

So we watched the Superbowl today. I didn't really care who won, and I've never been one of those guys who can watch football for its own sake. My father can watch football all weekend, no matter who is playing, no matter if he cares who wins or not. Often, he is just hoping to see a "good game", which really means a "close game". I just can't. A game between two teams I don't care about is usually pretty much boring as far as I am concerned. So why did I sit down with my family, tune the TV to the Superbowl, and leave it on all the way through?

I suppose people do it for the commercials, and this year some of the commercials were funny, but that's probably not enough. Mostly, we did it because it was an excuse to have friends over, cook a bunch of food that was unhealthy, and talk all evening. Shrimp, sausage, and chicken gumbo, homemade dip, and homemade doughnuts were on the menu. Our neighbors are Giants fans, and my son's teacher is too (so he was pulling for them too), but we mostly ignored the game and did other stuff.

So why is it that we, like so many other people, need an excuse to get together with neighbors and friends and do sociable things together? Why is it that we only have parties around holidays like Christmas and New Year's, or the Superbowl? Why do we never just say "Hey, let's have a party next week"? I don't know. Maybe we should change that.

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