Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Biased Opinion - Glen Beck Reaches for the Stupid, and Succeeds

All I have to say to Glenn Beck is are you kidding me? You cannot possibly be this stupid can you? You think that the fact that you've never seen a "half-monkey half-person" is all the evidence you need to discount a century and a half of science? The fact that all of the actual science that has been produced in the last 150 years years all points towards the truth of evolution - including the fossil record, the geologic record, radiometric dating, genetics, and literally dozens of other fields of inquiry - that is insufficient to demonstrate reality in the face of the fact that you've never seen a "half-monkey half-person"?

Why don't you try reading Science, Evolution, and Creationism (read review)? Or maybe Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design (read review). Or go back to the beginning and read On the Origin of the Species. Perhaps you could pick up a high school biology textbook written by a practicing Catholic that is titled something difficult to parse like Biology. Maybe then you could figure out why your argument is so shockingly stupid. (In fact, the existence of a "half-monkey half-person" would actually disprove the theory evolution by natural selection, so if you find one, then your wacky creationist ideas would have more credence, not less).

Why do you even have a job? Do your bosses not realize what a complete moron you are? If so, you better keep it that way, because once they figure out just how stupid you really are, you'll probably get canned in favor of someone who is at least conversant with the science that was current as of a hundred years ago.

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