Monday, February 6, 2012

Musical Monday - Best Super Bowl Song Ever! by Greg Benson, Jon Coulton, and Paul & Storm

I agree with Jon Coulton: The Super Bowl would be better with giant squids and robot armies.

On another note, I'm going to digress a little bit and talk about Greg Benson. Benson is married to Kim Evey, who helped Felicia Day produce The Guild. I believe that but for that connection, Benson would have long ago been ejected from the geek community as a complete ass. Benson, along with Evey, runs Mediocre Films, a YouTube channel that appears to be almost entirely dedicated to promoting Benson's "comedy". And I did put comedy in quotes there, because what Benson does can't really be described as such, even though he clearly desperately wants you to regard it as such. The problem is, in Benson's mind, comedy more or less involves him acting like a jerk and smirking while he does so. And all of his videos are simply painfully unfunny.

Benson's "Yeshmin" skits are offensive. His "douchebaggery" videos are just him acting like a douchebag and then laughing as people react badly to him being an asshole. His interviews with women cosplaying at conventions are creepy and sexist. In short, Benson's "humor" consists of him acting like the kind of asshole that most people condemn, but since he is doing it as a "joke" it is okay. Except it isn't. It is just Benson acting like an asshole and getting away with it because everyone is being nice to his wife.

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  1. Yes! I would watch them at half-time! Hilarious! Thank you.

  2. @Julia Rachel Barrett: You're right! We need Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. That would be the best halftime show possible!

  3. I'm Not American I don't do Superbowl and I don't do many sports over here in the UK either, BUT THIS I LIKED

    Thanks to @JuliaRBarret for pointing me in this direction... More... More

  4. @Tom Stronach: I have been posting a nerd-related music video every Monday. I generally write about science fiction and fantasy books, movies and television shows otherwise, with some other stuff thrown in like historical fiction.