Monday, April 30, 2012

Musical Monday - The Internet Will Always Be Here (World of Warcraft Breakup Song) by The Doubleclicks

This has been a lousy week for me for blogging, which is evidenced by the fact that since the last Musical Monday I have not posted a single book review when in a normal week I'd post three and maybe four. Without going in to details, this lack of blogging has been directly tied to the fact that in a lot of ways that I don't want to go into in any more detail, this has been a lousy week for me in general. In the larger scheme of things I hope this will lead to better weeks ahead, but the last seven days have been mostly crummy.

And so for Musical Monday I picked The Doubleclick's The Internet Will Always Be Here subtitled A World of Warcraft Breakup Song. This song is about the bittersweet sadness of a necessary breakup, and the consoling power of the internet and MMO gaming. For the record, I'll say that although the situation described in the song has some vague similarities to the events that made my last week lousy, the similarities are only vague. The feeling behind the song, however, is spot on.

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