Monday, May 14, 2012

Musical Monday - Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by The Guild

>As most people who read this blog probably know, The Guild is a web series about the off-line lives of a group of MMO gamers who play a fairly thinly disguised version of World of Warcraft together. I have never actually played World of Warcaft but have logged quite a few hours in virtual Middle-Earth playing the Lord of the Ring Online game.

Fairly early in the run of the web series, the members of the cast established a practice of making a funny game-related song and accompanying video. All of them are good, but the one that launched this practice into an internet meme is Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, featuring Felicia Day dressed as her in-game character Codex musically asking if you would like to date her computer persona. Every member of the cast gets involved, including Amy Okuda showing off her dance skills and Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh rapping and showing of their . . . um . . . dance skills.

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  1. Am I terrible that I like The Guild's music videos more than I like their webisodes? because i fricken' love that song and video!

  2. @redhead: Not at all. Their music videos are great. I love their webisodes too but not everyone has to like the same things.