Monday, June 25, 2012

Musical Monday: Magic (MTG): The Rap by Remy Munasifi

I will now make an admission that may damage my gamer geek credibility: I have never played Magic: The Gathering. I have, however, played other collectible card games - my favorites are the Babylon 5 CCG and Steve Jackson Games' game of conspiracy and world domination Illuminati: The New World Order (usually abbreviated INWO). CCGs are addictive, and can be expensive. They are also insanely fun for people with obsessive personalities like me.

Remy's rap, like all of his other songs, is brutal and accurate. This is probably because Remy has experience playing a game that some have called "cardboard crack". One can almost learn how to play Magic by watching the video, and one certainly gets a good feel for how a game plays out. Plus, Remy makes it funny to listen to. So for anyone who ever spent hours crafting a new deck for their favotire CCG, this week's Musical Monday selection is Magic (MTG): The Rap.

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